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New Beginnings Behavioral health has a 20-year history of successfully rescuing and reintegrating individuals struggling with homelessness & addiction, back into society.

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About New Beginning Behavioral Health

New Beginnings Behavioral Health is a 501(c)3 Faith based non-profit community service organization that provides services to the homeless and addicted population in New Jersey. The goal is to see our clients receive the most effective assistance and resources needed towards recovery. New Beginnings Behavioral health has a 20-year history of successfully rescuing and reintegrating individuals struggling with homelessness & addiction, back into society.

Many of our clients are from Camden, New Jersey. Camden has been identified as one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in America. With these factors come a myriad of challenges that lead to drug addiction, incarceration, and homelessness.

According to the current drug harm index rankings, out of 21 counties in the state of New Jersey, Camden was number 3 in fentanyl submissions, number 3 in opioid prescriptions, number 1 in naloxone administrations, number 2 in drug deaths, number 1 in drug distribution, and number 2 in drug possession. (See chart attached). Camden County also has the second highest homeless population in the state of New Jersey. These overwhelming statistics drove New Beginnings to think “out-of-the-box” and to come up with creative initiatives.

New Beginning’s outreach consists of a 38-foot retro fitted mobile home with three showers, washer and dryer, and a mini kitchen. The RV mobile resource center, which enables unsheltered individuals to take showers, receive products for personal hygiene, obtain clothing, do laundry, and maintain overall grooming. Grooming and cleanliness for the homeless population is critical to uplifting their self-esteem.

So far this year New Beginnings has served over 48,000 meals this past year, provided residential beds for over 3700 nights, assisted over 100 clients with residential services and clients have received over 1400 hours of counseling and therapy.

Many of our residents deal with mental illness, emotional disturbances, substance use disorders, and co- occurring disorders. We’ve experienced tremendous success in addressing the needs throughout the continuum of care, from prevention to recovery.


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New Beginning’s is able to pull up and provide a hot shower, clean towels, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, and feminine hygiene products along with other items that most of us take for granted. Our team of volunteers engage in conversation, build relationships, demonstrate love, and create a truly caring environment. These strong relationships become the very foundation that allow us to serve as a mobile resource center which refers these precious men and women to other social service groups for a more in-depth and individualized care.


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