About Us

New Beginning’s is a NJ non-profit 501c3 Corporation with a mandate of restoring honor and dignity to the city of Camden’s homeless.

About New Beginning Behavioral Health

New Beginnings has discovered that to truly be successful in recovery, a program must incorporate these three key components. We call it the three-legged stool.

Long-term residential.

We offer our residents the safety of a drug-free home. There are no fees for the resident and meals and transportation are included. This enables our residents to concentrate on their recovery while saving money under a supervised program.

While most long-term programs are 4-6 weeks, we offer a 12-month recovery program. For the first three months, the resident concentrates on getting clean and taking their medication as prescribed. The next three months is the renewing of the mind with the remaining six months focusing on classes, training and working on interpersonal skills to prepare them for the workforce. This is far different than a shelter, where a person only stays at night

Clinical therapy.

Successful and sustaining recovery is more than a place to sleep. By partnering with various behavioral health and addiction service providers our clients receive a full array of clinical services, including outpatient treatment (OP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and medically supervised detox programs for those suffering from addiction. The clients receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) – methadone and Suboxone – to stabilize patients.

By combining medication assisted treatment with evidence-based therapies, the residents recover from their addiction to live healthy, productive lives.

Job and occupational training.

The goal is to graduate our residents to become effective members of society. Through job training and wraparound services, our residents are able to enter the workforce with confidence and assurance. Some of the training includes digital literacy, financial literacy, anger management, time management, conflict resolution, etc.

Our facilities have full-time staff with 24-hour video surveillance. All residents are drug tested weekly. There is a medical Director and physician who visit the residents on a regular basis. All clinical and therapies are conducted at the house along with most classes.

New Beginnings also has a 45-acre camp in Millville, New Jersey which consists of five buildings, a lake for fishing and boating, an olympic size pool, basketball court, miniature golf, volleyball, tennis and much more.

Camp Cedar Knoll

On September 26, 2021 Governor Murphy visited Camp Cedar Knoll in Millville New Jersey for the ribbon-cutting of the new drug and alcohol addiction center. It was 10 months prior when Pastor Amir Khan, president of New Beginnings, met with the leadership team of the Bethany Baptist Association. During which time Pastor Khan learned the history of Camp Cedar Knoll.