Camp Cedar Knoll

Camp Cedar Knoll is a long term program that offers addiction support services that helps get the most vulnerable off the streets.

Welcome To New Beginnings Camp Cedar Knoll Recovery Program: From The Streets To Success Initiative

Restoring Dignity and Honor to the Marginalized one person at a time

New Beginnings provides addiction support services for the homeless and drug-addicted population. At the core of these services there is an effective intake process that identifies factors that led to addiction and homelessness for the individual. This interactive process enables New Beginnings to partner with licensed addiction and detox treatment centers in the state to assist residents in finding the appropriate counseling and medical treatment.

We started our efforts with our mobile operations. This consisted of a 38-foot retrofitted mobile home with three showers, washer and dryer, and a mini kitchen. The RV mobile resource center, which enables homeless individuals to take showers, receive products for personal hygiene, obtain clothing, do laundry, and to maintain overall grooming in preparation to receive an array of services. Grooming and cleanliness for the homeless population is critical to uplifting their self-esteem.

After years of witnessing individuals die from overdose due to lack of beds or lack of insurance, in 2021 New Beginnings secured a 45-acre camp in Millville NJ. Getting the most vulnerable off the streets and into detox and rehabilitation is a priority for New Beginnings. At Camp Cedar Knoll our residents enjoy boating and fishing at our lake, a dormitory which holds 150 clients, a nurse’s station which is being converted to a detox center, fellowship hall and dining hall with a commercial kitchen. The facility also offers basketball, tennis, miniature golf, an Olympic size pool, volleyball, and so much more.

Camp Cedar Knoll offers recreational therapy, wilderness therapy, horticultural therapy etc. New Beginnings has a holistic approach for the bruised and wounded. This method has a unique ability to assist a person in their healing and sobriety. New Beginnings accepts all applicants regardless of their insurance or their ability to pay. For more information call 866-8-NEW-YOU.or their ability to pay. For more information call 866-8-NEW-YOU.


Animal Assisted Therapy

A type of therapy that uses dogs or other pets to improve the physical and mental health of patients with certain acute or chronic diseases.

Horticulture Therapy

Uses gardening and plant-based activity for the purpose of human healing and rehabilitation. This is facilitated by a trained counselor to achieve specific therapeutic treatment goals.

Wilderness Therapy

Also known as Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, this treatment option is for substance and mental health issues. Members spend time hiking, exploring Maurice River which is on our property, team building, community empowerment through caring for each other, and camping outdoors with their peers on our 45 acre property.

Recreational Therapy

A systemic process that utilizes recreation and other activities as interventions to address the assessed needs of individuals as a means to psychological recovery. Recreation therapy is both individual and group.  Our members will be exposed to learning how to understand the value of team and team building as a key ingredient to transitioning back to society and overcoming fear and disappointment.

Alliance With Bethany Baptist Association

History of Camp Cedar Knoll

Camp Cedar Knoll has been divided up in several ways over the years, but it remains about 45 acres of land that was once part of a plantation of 316 acres that was owned by Captain William Price of the Revolutionary War. Prior to March 1, 1783 – sometime before May 20, 1788, Aaron Learning owned the Price Plantation of 316 acres plus other land. He purchased the whole of his land in two parcels; one part from Lawrence and William Peterson, and the other part from the Council of Proprietors. This property contained the whole of Camp Cedar Knoll, as well as other land, and stretched from the northeast side of the Maurice River, including both the northwest side and the southeast side of
Menantico Creek in both Millville and Maurice River Townships and east of Camp Cedar Knoll. On the west of the Menantico Creek, Camp Cedar Knoll was bordered on the north of Rawson’s line, on the west by a swamp, and on the south by Scot’s line, it then crossed the creek, all the way east of Camp Cedar Knoll, and contained land which was afterwards owned by Rebecca J. Wynn.